Yes, please see the full terms and conditions for the 'Dinner's on us' promotion. 

Your details are required to be registered here: experienceadelaide.com.au/dinner-voucher between 9:00 am Wednesday 9 June 2021 and 9:00 am Monday 21 June 2021. All successful recipients will be emailed by 5:00 pm on Friday 25 June 2021, with their QR code.

Dinner vouchers can be used:

  • make a complete purchase where the price is up to $30; or
  • subsidise a purchase where the value is over $30 (in which case you pay the difference).
  • Dine-in only, not available for takeaway
  • For establishments such as restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars, hotels, etc that serve food.
  • For dinner only, not meals outside the regular dinner menu hours
  • Food only, cannot be used for drinks (neither alcoholic nor non-alcoholic drinks)
  • Food trucks or temporary food vendors are not eligible.

As a guide, we suggest that dinner is from 4:00 pm to midnight, or the businesses regular dinner menu hours.

A full list of participating businesses in the CBD and North Adelaide will be available here. There may be extenuating circumstances where a business can no longer take part and should that be the case we will update the website as soon as possible. Please be sure to check the most up to date list and contact the business to be certain.

Some businesses may elect to only operate on certain days or only allow the QR code voucher to be redeemed on certain days. We’ll have any information they supply us included on the website. Please be sure to check each business listing to make sure you note any special conditions. You may wish to double check with the business before you arrive to redeem your $30.

No. While we’d love as many eligible food businesses as possible to participate, there are some businesses who have not registered with us.

The 'Dinner's on us' promotion is valid for the food component of dinner. A participating bar may serve food at dinner time, in which case you can redeem your voucher for the food component (not drinks). Coffee is also not part of the 'Dinner's on us' promotion but if a participating coffee shop sells food at dinner time, you can redeem your voucher for this component of your purchase.

This depends on how the point of sale system is run at the business. Only one voucher can be used with each transaction – this is a technical system restriction. However, if the business is prepared to split the bill and charge each customer separately, multiple vouchers can be used. For example, four people go out to lunch and sit at one table. If each guest purchases their meal separately, they can use one voucher per transaction. If the business will not split the bill and only accept one payment, then only one voucher can be redeemed across the group.

We recommend that you contact the participating business directly to ask if more than one voucher can be used. 

The $30 QR code voucher can only be scanned once with a transaction. If you combine your payment, you can share the voucher but if you want to pay separately, it is not possible to share the $30.

First, please be sure the business is participating in the 'Dinner's on us' promotion.

Some businesses ask for payment at the beginning, others at the end. When it is time to pay, you’ll need to present your QR code for the business to scan. Each voucher has a unique registration number, an expiry date and includes a QR code for scanning. The business will scan the QR code and once it’s confirmed as valid, they will enter the voucher (up to $30 value) and charge you any remaining balance on your dine-in dinner. Adelaide Economic Development Agency (AEDA) then provides the value of the voucher back to the business directly.

No, any amount remaining on the voucher is forfeited. Eg if your total bill comes to $20, the remaining $10 of the voucher is forfeited.

No, each voucher is only valid for one use after which it is void.

No, vouchers are only valid to go towards food. They cannot be redeemed for cash. Any unused value of the voucher is forfeited and cannot be redeemed for cash.

Yes, as long as you have the QR code, the business can scan the voucher however there is no need to print anything. The QR code can be scanned from your phone.

It’s no secret that local businesses have been hit hard by Covid-19. The 'Dinner's on us' promotion is designed by Adelaide Economic Development Agency (AEDA) to stimulate economic activity specifically for hospitality in the CBD and North Adelaide. The voucher is designed to pay for or subsidise (where the value is over $30) a dine-in dinner. 

Vouchers can be redeemed from Thursday 1 July 2021, and expire on Saturday 31 August 2021.

All successful recipients were emailed their voucher. Here’s a couple of tips if you can’t find your voucher:

  • Check your spam and junk inbox.
  • Double check what email address you used to enter the promotion.
  • Vouchers were emailed to winners between Wednesday 23 June 2021 and Friday 25 June 2021. 

Still can’t find it? That’s okay! You can email [email protected] and we will arrange for your voucher to be resent.

If the QR code is not included, it is likely that you're showing one of our other ‘Dinner’s on us’ communications, such as an email with participating vendors. Please note you would have received your voucher with the unique QR code by email between 23 and 25 June 2021.

If your voucher has been scanned and the QR code and it's coming up as 'invalid', it could mean that the voucher has already been redeemed, or that the business has accidently scanned the QR code twice. We're able to confirm the voucher status. Please email [email protected], or call 08 8203 7132.

As a guide, we suggest that dinner is from 4:00 pm to midnight, or the businesses regular dinner menu hours.

Your voucher can be redeemed at participating businesses that offer dine-in dessert during dinner hours.


Licence number: T21/851